Universal Simulations

Created in 2017, in accordance with the French law of 1901, we are a student association that conducts, each year, three international conferences in Paris.



Universal Conferences

Inspired by the functioning of the United Nations, the UNESCO and the business sector, find this year our three international conferences.

Entirely run by students, our association aims to giving young people around the world the opportunity to participate in educational events.

We also take advantage of our prime location, Paris and the ‘Parisian heritage’, to organize activities between meetings and debates, to communicate and exchange with our fellows from all over the world.


Universal MUN 20

November 2020

A Model United Nations Conference with the objective of reproducing as closely as possible the conditions under which real United Nations conferences are held.

Universal MUNESCO 20


A Model UNESCO Conference who combining committee and General Assembly debates. This innovative simulation is unique across the world.

Universal MUB 20


A Model Business Conference combining strategy, negotiations and market studies. As a member of a team, everyone must confront the other companies represented !


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10 Rue Sextius Michel
Paris, 75015

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