Cost Information

Payment Deadline : 3 weeks after you application

You have three weeks to pay your fees and secure your spot.
Failure to submit your fee in time will lead to the expiration of your application.

Delegate Fee

160 €

Observer Fee

150 €

Delegation Fee

135 €


Payment Options

Visa or MasterCard on Mymun

Pay directly by card on MyMUN.

Additional fees will be charged by the website.

Payment will be conditionally repayable on the two following terms : send us the official refusal document (visa) & request it at least 3 weeks before the beggining of the conference.

Bank transfer

Please write to

Bank transfer payment is not refundable.


What is included in the fees :

  • Access to the UNESCO House

  • Participation in the conference

  • The writing material

  • A cultural activity participation

  • Access to every social event

  • Access to the gala

  • Lunch during the conference

What is not included in the fees :

Your coming, your accommodation and your activity outside of conference hours.

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